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Strategy & Organization


It is important that our client has a clear vision of their market and competition.  Understanding their mission and what makes them apart from others is the key to creating a strategic platform towards growth.  NMS assess the client's organization for growth viability and develops a strategic plan according to the outcome, towards a more sustainable foundation.


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Diversity & Inclusion


We develop outreach efforts to establish partnerships with diverse organizations and lead them to have a more inclusive work environment. This involves hiring for leadership roles from the LGBTQ community and diversifying the overall staff at the corporate level.


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Management Consultant


We provide organizational infrastructure and operating advice as it relates to the core to the client's functions.  Our approach is not a cookie cutter process but unique to the client's mission and objectives. 


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Workforce Planning 




Organizational Assessment

Our Human Resources creates a framework for combining a contingent workforce strategy with an employee hiring and attraction strategy. We identify skill and knowledge gaps within the organization to be used in determining which balance of the workforce (contingent and employee) will be sustainable to meet current and future demands.


541610, 541611, 611430


Our team develops recruiting processes and strategies for global organizations to improve recruiting output and efficiency. We have built social media strategies for the talent acquisition function for Fortune organizations such as Walmart, Northwestern Mutual, and Fleet Farm.

We also design sourcing strategies and build sourcing teams for companies in technology, banking, and retail industries like Sabre and Texas Instruments.



We conduct a gap analysis of various departments within the federal government, including the Department of Transportation and the US Department of the Navy (Shipboard Communications). Additionally, we assess current processes and the staff to determine where there are skill and process gaps that could affect the organization moving forward.



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