Strategy & Organization


It is important that our client has a clear vision of their market and competition.  Understanding their mission and what makes them apart from others is the key to creating a strategic platform towards growth.  NMS assess the client's organization for growth viability and develops a strategic plan according to the outcome, towards a more sustainable foundation.


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Voice and Data Installation


Our technicians were seasoned employees from Verizon and Comcast in the fields of RJ45, T3-T5 CAT 5 & 6, and Fiber optics.  We cover the nuts and bolts of all connectivity compliance for industry standards.





Management Consultant


We provide organizational infrastructure and operating advice as it relates to the core to the client's functions.  Our approach is not a cookie cutter process but unique to the client's mission and objectives. 


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IT Management


NMS engages in planning and designing computer systems customized for the client's core operations by conducting feasibility studies to determine the course of action.






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The key to any successful business is sustainability of their most profitable assets...EMPLOYEES.  We believe if the client is successful then it is impart due to the employee.  Providing continual professional training modules increases the clients marketability by presenting to notch personnel with cutting edge knowledge and solutions.



Corporate Development


NMS engages in understanding and knowing the client to capture the essence of who they are and how it correlates to their mission and objective.  This information is the critical tool in developing a branding and marketing plan to increase client visibility thus increasing revenue.

We assists small business with education om the business startup process from cradle to grave.  We are your one stop shop.





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