Our Team

NMS Consultants represents our competitive advantage through comprehensive production performance eliminating stale processes with efficient and workable structures.  We have a team-oriented culture attracting individuals who are eager to be more than an employee but a part of company that embraces each consultants as associates who supports the efforts of the client success and the continual growth of NMS.

With our teaming partners, NMS continues to grow towards creating the industry standards in Information Technology, Project Management, Administrative Management, Strategy and development, and Organizational and Corporate development and Sustainability.  We successfully service our clients with optimum unparaelled support summing it up with one simple phrase....EMPOWERMENT SIMPLIFIED!

President and CEO

Leilani Evans established National Management Solutions, LLC in March of 2008.  The company immediately engaged with assisting other small business with winning proposals and restructuring towards a more cohesive infrastructure.  Ms. Evans has a perpensity for utilizing technology as a tool to integrate processes and functions freeing personnel to focus on the soft skill-sets required by the client.  She is responsible for the strategic development of the company as well as the growth of NMS' associates.

Ms. Evans provides a platform of equity, professionalism and loyality that engages the best personnel to provide optimum support for the client.  By maintaining an educational and technical training database for the employees ensures nothing short of EMPOWERMENT SIMPLIFIED!  Our approach varies with the uniqueness of our clients, but is firmly rooted in both a collaborative  and consultative effort.

Managing Consultant

Judy Mickens-Murray retired as Chief, Personal Property Branch of the Logistic Operations Division of the  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and a past Prince George's County School Board member,  joined National Management Solutions, LLC in 2012.  With expertise in management, organizational effectiveness and confidential personnel matters, as well as educational systems, Mrs. Mickens-Murray provides expertise in Organization/ Strategy and development and government processes.

Mrs. Mickens-Murray understands the government client and their needs, thus sharing the company's mission in providing consultants that leverages our clients platform by enabling optimum functionality and streamlined processes and procedures.  Each client is different from the next, therefore each strategy presented is tailored towards the success of the client.    

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