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Our Team

NMS Consultants represents our competitive advantage through comprehensive production performance eliminating stale processes with efficient and workable structures.  We have a team-oriented culture attracting individuals who are eager to be more than an employee but a part of company that embraces each consultants as associates who supports the efforts of the client success and the continual growth of NMS.

With our teaming partners, NMS continues to grow towards creating the industry standards in Information Technology, Project Management, Administrative Management, Strategy and development, and Organizational and Corporate development and Sustainability.  We successfully service our clients with optimum unparaelled support summing it up with one simple phrase....EMPOWERMENT SIMPLIFIED!

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President and CEO

Dr. Leilani Evans is the CEO of National Management Solutions, LLC (NMS), a Maryland-based management consulting company. Leilani holds a Doctorate in Business Management specializing in Gender Equity: Diversity and Inclusion with concentration in strategic planning, entrepreneurship, international markets and human resource. NMS engages with assisting businesses with infrastructure build, diversity and inclusion workforce, strategic planning, financial health and workforce development and training workshops.


NMS utilizes technology as a tool to integrate processes and functions freeing personnel to focus on the soft skill sets required by the client. We promote a platform of diversity and inclusion, equity, professionalism and loyalty that engages the best personnel to provide optimum support for the client.  By maintaining an educational and technical training database for the employees ensures nothing short of EMPOWERMENT SIMPLIFIED! Our approach varies with the uniqueness of our clients but is firmly rooted in both a collaborative and consultative effort.

Managing Consultant

Antoine holds a master’s degree in human resource development from The George Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Marquette University. Before starting his career in talent acquisition, he served as an officer in the United States Army.


Antoine has held leadership positions with Northwestern Mutual Insurance, Walmart, Texas Instruments, Bank of America, and Sabre Inc. Early in his career, he also had individual contributor roles with companies like Microsoft. He has expertise in developing strong talent acquisition teams, integrating technology effectively within the recruiting function, and integrating workforce planning and talent acquisition strategies. His expertise spans in developing strong talent acquisition teams, integrating technology effectively within the recruiting function, and integrating workforce planning, team assessments, development, training and talent acquisition strategies.

Antoine developed outreach efforts to establish partnerships with diverse organizations, such as the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA), to attract people of diverse backgrounds to work for Microsoft (seven years). He also participated in the internal diversity council for Bank of America. Additionally, Antoine served as a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Council supporting efforts in attracting diverse talent by building an overall attraction strategy. He also participated in micro inequity workshops.

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